Every once in a while in human history comes a time when a semantic gap needs to be filled; when a word needs to be born to take on the responsibility it was destined to. A day shall come when lexicographers would lay their pens to rest and take a well deserved retirement. That day is not today. Today, we create a new word.

Toolder [verb, transitive]

Pronuncation: ˈtul.dɚ (tool-duhr), ˈtul.də (tool-duh)


  1. To skip reading something because it is too long. eg. He sent me his thesis but I didn’t have too much time so I had to toolder it.
  2. To skip doing a task because it seems to require too much effort. eg. You could toolder it all you want, but ultimately it’s you who’s going to have to finish it.

Etymology: From the popular internet abbreviation TLDR, meaning “Too Long, Didn’t Read”.